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What is the best HDTV – Buying Guide


Your home needs a high quality HDTV, designed to delight through vibrant and crystal clear images worthy to be shared with all that you love. Well, there are so many products currently available on the market that discovering the right model without some kind of assistance can be nothing more than a struck of luck. This is why we drafted this professional buying guide, to help you discover the best product, capable of delivering a high quality cinematic experience every time you desire. How to find the best HDTV? Discovering the right answer to this question will come easier once you gather professional information on the current HDTVs. Now, let’s start from scratch and connect the right dots towards finding the ideal product, suited to your home and to your visual expectations.

In the present, the market offers HDTVs with the following displays: LCD, plasma and LED. Identifying the type of display that should be your next viewing gateway is primordial if you want to create the prospects for a great cinematic experience.

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There are also other important features that you need to take into account before purchasing a particular product: screen size, resolution, refreshes rate, HDMI inputs, 3D options and picture enhancing technologies. With a keen understanding of the basics will help you install in your home a great HDTV, capable of creating a vibrant cinematic experience far from problems.

Plasma TVs can be found in thousands of American homes, gathering satisfied customer after satisfied customer but are such devices for you? Well, there are Samsung, LG and Panasonic plasma TV’s which should behave wonderfully in your home but with the growing demand for 3D LED HDTVs you need to think twice before investing in them. Recent statistics have shown that the battle of demand at the top is between LCD and LED TVs, which demonstrated their capacity to deliver high quality pictures.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Total HDMI Ports Price TV Display Technology Smart TV Customer Rating Where to buy

LG Electronics 60LA6200


Samsung UN19F4000

2 $$ LED-lit No B- AMAZON

Samsung UN60EH6003

2 $$$$ LED-lit No B+ AMAZON

Vizio M321i-A2


Sony KDL-40R450A



Today, more and more people have in their homes LCD TVs, including a wide array of screen sizes, bright pictures and also Energy Star certification. LED TVs deliver outstanding energy efficiency and a beautiful and elegant design, blending with ease in your living room or bedroom. Thin and elegant, a LED TV with full HD will certainly attract attention when people come to visit you. Still, LED TVs are not perfect because they can suffer from “blooming” effect, where lighter parts of the image blend in the darker ones thus reducing the general black levels.

How to find a good & affordale HDTV?


Another important aspect that you should take into account if you want to find a HDTV is resolution. 720p and 1080p resolutions should be present on your future TV, especially if you desire to create a home theater worth accessing whenever. There are certain features that disturb the perception of pictures: details, distance, quality of your eyesight and ultimately quality of the video material played. One thing is certain: if you want a big screen TV in your home, make sure it comes with 1080p video resolution, ideal for cinematic enthusiasts. Fortunately the latest TV releases come with 1080p HD resolution, the new norm of quality and picture clarity. The general advice sounds like this: if you can afford it, go for HD TVs equipped with 1080p resolution, because you won’t regret it later on.


Sharp LC-60SQ15U Aquos Q+ Smart 3D LED HDTV


1If you are looking for a latest generation LED HDTV, then a great option can prove to be Sharp LC-60SQ15U. This model will guarantee you the highest resolution available, playing UltraHD 4K content and even upscalling videos with inferior picture quality. The new SmartCentral 3.0 system will make web browsing or streaming a quick and simple process. The HDTV performs like no other when it has to display high contrast pictures, capable of supporting several billion shades of colors. Many useful apps will be at your disposal if you decide to invest in this new LED HDTV from Sharp.

“I can’t get enough of watching movies in UltraHD, making me feel like I’m a part of the fictional world created by the flick. Since I’ve bought this TV from Sharp, I have come to realize that it’s the best HDTV 2014.The internet connection supported is solid as well.” – Thomas Avila  

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Samsung PN64H5000 Plasma HDTV


2This 64 inch Plasma TV from Samsung impresses through its picture quality and its modern sleek design. You will have the opportunity to watch everything in a stunning Full HD resolution. It’s able to display a natural-like picture thanks to Wide Color Enhancer Plus and Clear Image Panel technologies. Other large plasma TVs have problems with motion blur, but this is not the case with Samsung PN64H500. The 600Hz sub-field motion will let you play video games, watch fast action movies or sport events, all blur-free. Finally, this plasma TV doesn’t neglect the audio quality either because it supports Dolby MS10 and DTS studio sound.

“My old TV was a Samsung as well and I continued buying from this brand because it hasn’t let me down so far. With my new Samsung ON64H500, I view everything in Full HD and I haven’t detected any dead pixel in the months I have used it. I bought it after I saw that the best HDTV reviews recommended it.” – M.R. Bolen

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Samsung UN55H8000 Curved 3D Smart LED HDTV


3Samsung UN55H8000 is a new generation smart LED HDTV with an innovative and curved design, offering many advantages over your conventional models. The secret to its high performance rating is the heliocentric technology it uses, guaranteeing the best peripheral vision from any given angle. Precision Black Local Dimming will enhance the contrast for dark images. This smart TV will also give you the option of using Motion and Voice Control, enabling or disabling different functions. With it you will receive free of charge a Smart remote and four pairs of 3D glasses.

“I have paid a few extra hundred dollars for this curved LED TV from Samsung and it’s definitely worth the financial effort. From every angle I try to watch a movie, the picture is perfect. Voice Control is really fun to use and I believe this is the the best HDTV 2014.” – Martin Cooks

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Samsung UN19F4000 19 inch 720p 60 HZ slim LED HDTV


A good quality TV can make all the difference in the world, especially after a thorough study on prospective models. One of the most popular HDTV in 2014 comes from Samsung: UN19F4000, a superb slim TV that can deliver a smooth and vibrant home visual experience, to anyone watching. It can render with ease 720p video resolution, in anything you play, thus keeping the picture quality at high standards. You might also love to know that the television set incorporates 60 Hz refresh rate which maintains the whole imaging system smooth. It is very easy to install and manage, day and night.

I spent a lot of time, shopping for a brand new television set, especially since the market offers so many models. Still, with attention I managed to come across UN19F4000 LED TV, which enhances the daily visual experience. I recommend this TV for kitchens or even offices around the house.” – John Glee

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LG Electronics 60LA6200 HDTV


From LG comes this LED-LCD TV which is also SMART. Designed with great care, keeping in mind the maximum comfort and entertainment of the viewer, this TV has also rolled in a Dual Core processor and 3D Cinema. So use it as a simple TV, a game console or for streaming the Internet; it sure to take the centre of your living room. Coming with a built-in Wi-Fi, NFC, WIDI and MHL; get amazed at how many ways you can use this TV. But the reasons as to why it has got within the top rated HDTV in 2014, is because it has an unbelievable 3D technology, complete with depth control and sound zooming. Watching the 60LA6200 will obviously take your viewing experience to another level.

“I don’t think I could possibly want anything else from a HDTV. The LG 60LA6200 made me spend a bit extra, but the rewards are worth it. It has 3D capabilities, excellent 2D picture quality, smart TV features, a very easy to go through menu and many other brilliant characteristics.” Nick Bale

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Samsung UN60EH6000 HDTV


This is an absolutely impressive 1080p Full HD TV and it has climbed within the lists of the best Samsung HDTV reviews for solid reasons. Thousands of satisfied customers have given testimonial for this entertainment device, that it is definitely a winner. Jam-packed with excellent picture quality, the TV is supported by the Wide Color Enhancer Plus which simply makes every picture truly natural looking and life-like. Besides the LED HDTV also has the latest Clear Motion Rate of 240, to help present before your eyes the most amazingly detailed action moments. Just get one, put on a movie and experience the difference all by yourself.

“Going through reviews about top HDTVs with smart capabilities, I decided to get this Samsung model. As soon as I turned it on, I was blown away by its picture quality which were so natural like. I recommend it to other households because it is without a doubt a top HDTV to own.” Raymond Murphy

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Toshiba 32L1300U LED HDTV


Toshiba 32L1300U LED HDTV is an excellent solution for a secondary TV in your home, capable of a top picture quality. Fast motion pictures like an action movie or a sport event will be blur free because this HDTV has a refresh rate of 120 Hz. It is also equipped with USB ports, so you can connect different devices to it and play videos or even movies. The picture is life-like because the TV operates with the ColorMaster technology, that has a 6 color hue. A dynamic contrast is also assured by the DynaLight backlight control, resulting in excellent 720p pictures.

“I have this HDTV for almost a year now and even if it is not the newest model on the block, I am very satisfied with the picture quality and with the way it works in general. For TV watching just before I go to sleep this low budget TV is perfect for me.” – Nick Rodgers

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Vizio E420i-A0 Smart LED TV


One of the most popular smart TVs you can purchase is the Vizon E420i-A0. The price-quality ratio makes it one of our list’s top models. The 42 inch wide TV is capable of supporting Full HD images. The 120 Hz refresh rate ensures the motion blur effect will be kept to a minimum. The Smart Dimming technology guarantees that the images will have rich and vivid colors. Also, you will be able to stream movies and videos directly from specialized sites with the help of its Smart capabilities.

“Purchasing this Smart TV from Vizio was a great investment from my part because it offers me great picture quality and smart TV options. Frankly I don’t need more from a TV at this point and I don’t think I will change it anytime soon.” – Matthew Irving

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Sony KDL40R450A HDTV


There are many people who brawl about not getting the perfect picture settings or configuration. Well if you too are one of them then here is the TV for you. Available with different preset modes of picture setting options, all your sorrows can be washed off with this TV. Just select your preferred settings and enjoy the world-class image quality of the brand. Designed beautifully, the TV also comes with two HDMI ports and an USB port. Affordably priced, the TV will also offer you judder free viewing for maximum pursuit which results in comfort to the eyes. Aesthetically designed, the TV will surely blend within the room interior.

“I enjoy playing with this TVs different features which produce different kinds of quality pictures. Also when I bought it I appreciated the design which looks very modern. Up to this point I haven’t encountered one small problem with it, not one dead pixel so far.” Jim Cox

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Here is another TV which has made quite a stir thanks to its full-glossy screen. The benefit of having such a screen is that the moment you look at it, the picture will look luminous, vivid and of course attractive. Moreover, this TV also has a brilliant 3D viewing and with the help of its accompanying 3D glasses the experience is mind-blowing. Besides the glasses are quite lightweight, diminishing any discomfort of the wearer.  On the other hand its quality deep-black ratio, a full keyboard smart remote control and excellent HD audio output have validly placed it within the names of the best HDTV reviews in 2014.

“I didn’t want to pay a ridiculous price for a HDTV which had 3D capabilities, so I opted for the VIZIO M3D651SV. I find it to have similar features as its more expensive rivals. For me the picture quality and features are most satisfying and I don’t want  anything more form a HDTV.” Luke Danielson


Panasonic TC-P65S60 HDTV


Top rated HDTV reviewsJust within a few years, the TV industry has seen so many changes, that every time there is a new TV out there, it seems as if we have taken a hyper-dive in the future. This latest product of Panasonic is also packed with everything you would love to see in a Plasma TV. Watch details of every scene on the screen of this Full HD TV. Besides the modern TV is also fitted with an in-built wireless LAN, HDMI & USB ports (2 each), for infinite entertainment from the Internet or through easy connectivity to any other picture streaming device. Then again the TV has the most brilliant black levels and resolution, to place it surely within the lists of best HDTV reviews in 2014.

“I recommend the Panasonic TC-P65S60 with all my heart because since I bought it, I can’t stop watching movies, programs, sports and so on. The picture quality is out of this world, with such vivid colors and its Wi-Fi works perfectly, allowing me to stream anything I want in a jiffy.” Jack Wilkinson