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Best 50 inch LED TVs reviews

Best 50 inch LED TVs reviews


Top rated LED TVs with 50 inch screen in 2014


A product can be defined as something that is capable of satisfying consumer/ customer needs. Products can be services as well as physical products. Different companies use a different product branding so as to be competitive in the market. This process is known as branding. A product group is made up of a group of brands; these brands are closely related in respect to the benefits they provide and their functions. In this article, we will be discussing each product’s best HDTV reviews and the best personal testimony of a customer about their experience with these products. The product group in this case is the 50 inch 1080pixels HDTVs.


Samsung UN50EH5000 HDTV 


Best 50 inch LED TVs reviews Every image displayed is clear with deep black and pure whites. It has a clear motion rate of 120Hz was developed to accurately depict images in motion. This comes as good news to sports and gaming lovers who will get breath-taking in game displays. It possesses color enhancers and also allows viewers to view images in exceptional natural colors. The presence of a USB port enables you to play music, videos and photos directly from the USB port.

“The 50 inch wide screen is the best part of my experience; I was used to the 720 p46 Samsung LED, but the UN 50EH 5000 brings a whole new dimension in viewing especially in playing HD mp4s and music. It is also easier to use the USB since I do not need DVDs anymore.” – Brian Mandela

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LG 50LN5400 HDTV 


Top rated LED TVs with 50 inch screen in 2014It is a 50 inch HDTV. It delivers amazing colour detail, image clarity and perfect brightness. With 1080 pixels resolution, you get nearly double standard full HD pixels. It has a true motion 120 Hz technology that enables you to catch up with your motion entertainment like sports without image blur. Considering its 34.4 pound weight, it’s light enough and allows for convenient shipping. This is one of the best 50 inch LED TVs reviews you will ever get.

“I had to upgrade from my 32 inch LED to this product and the experience was worth every single cent. I love sports and would spend the whole day, on a free day watching sports with the HD images and high color detail that gives perfect clarity for my sports entertainment.” – George Stanley

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The product is 50-inch 1080Pixels 120Hz LED smart HDTV. It has a unique picture display attributable to its two million to one dynamic contrast ratio with deeper blacks. Its special feature of auto-adjusting pictures to room lighting enables clear viewing at different times of the day. It has a clear audio with a SRS studio sound HD for quality audio. It is also more energy efficient than other conventional LCD TVs With its price, it is one of the best 50 inch LED TVs reviews.

The HD movies that I watch are true 1080P and are very beautiful. I love nature and spend most of my free time watching geographical documentaries. This is what I needed. If you are looking for any screen size above 40 inches HDTV, that is not so expensive, then look no further than VIZIO E500.” – Joy Shirley

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It is a 50 inch 1080Pixels HDTV with high picture quality of 1080P full HD resolution. It has a unique feature of dynamic backlight control that offers more details and deeper blacks. Its innovative LED drivers and a slim design make the look great. Its superior sound made of advanced audio technologies includes dynamic volume. It has magnificent advanced picture settings for fine-tuning your pictures. It also has an excellent connectivity with 5 ports (3 HDMI ports for external speakers, a high-definition PC port and a USB port). This is definitely on the list of the top rated HDTV reviews for 50 inch TVs.

“The Toshiba 50L 5200U had to be the best HDTV I have ever had. Its sound quality is amazing, such that for the first time, I did not need to have external speakers in order to listen to high quality audio from my TV set. Apart from the sound, the picture quality is unbelievable.” – Faith Jacobs

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Sony KDL50EX645 HDTV 


Is a 50 inch 1080 pixels 120Hz internet slim LCD HDTV. Its 1080 pixels picture quality is so clear and sharp that it brings pictures to life. The internal audio output using the inbuilt speakers is good. The in-built Wi-Fi is also easy to use and turns on almost automatically. It has a variety of picture settings that allows every customer to set their own preference. Its clear digital transmission allows for clear digital high quality pictures even without a satellite box. The top rated HDTV reviews is proud to say that it is included on the list.

“Even when I am without a digital satellite reception I could still use my normal antenna and watch quality digital pictures from my TV. The remote control that comes with the TV is excellent and with an exceptional media player, I play my music with quality output all day.” – Dan Morrison

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