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Top HDTV Customer reports

Best 55 inch HDTV reviews

Best 55 inch HDTV reviews


Top rated 55 inch HDTVs in 2014


A product is something that is capable of satisfying consumer needs. Products can be a service or a physical product. Different companies use different product branding so as to be competitive in the market. This process is known as branding. A product group is made up of a group of brands; these brands are closely related in respect to the benefits they provide and their functions. In this article, we will be discussing each product’s best HDTV reviews and the best personal testimony of a customer about their experience with these products. The product group in this case is the 55 inch HDTVs.


Samsung UN55F6300 HDTV 


Best 55 inch HDTV reviews Samsung UN 55F6300 is a 55 inch LED HDTV amazing features. The pictures have amazing quality with 1080p which is almost double a standard HD quality. Its refresh rate of 120Hz was developed to accurately depict images in motion. This comes as good news to sports and gaming lovers who will get breath-taking in game displays, action movies and sports. The F6300 can access all smart apps and interact with content streaming and the web. With a Universal remote control it is easy to operate.

“The 55 inch wide screen is the best part of my experience; I was used to the 720 p 32 Samsung LED, but the appliance brings a whole new dimension in viewing. The smart TV devices are amazing. It is more than just a TV to me.” Rebecca Martins

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LG 55LN5790 HDTV 


Top rated 55 inch HDTVs in 2014It’s a 55 inch HDTV that can directly access premium content providers such as Vudu, You tube, Netflix and Hulu Plus using your home network from your TV. The LED technology has amazing colour detail, image clarity and perfect brightness. With 1080 pixels resolution, you get nearly double standard full HD pixels. It has a true motion 120 Hz technology that enables you to catch up with your motion entertainment like sports without image blur. This is one of the products that constantly appear in best 55 inch HDTV reviews. articles.

 “I had to upgrade from my 40 inch LED to this product and the experience was worth every single cent. The clarity for my sports entertainment is amazing. The stadium is in my living room. The feeling is just extra ordinary.” – Josh Mayer

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The product is a 55-inch 1080Pixels 240Hz LED HDTV with incredible contrast and vibrancy display. Its stylish big-screen television with glass stand offers produces high-definition picture quality. With an ultra-thin design frame, the appliance offers incredible ample HD connections. The TV has perfect size for the living room meant for any activity including sports and movies. Its sharing ability allows for sharing of media files like photos and videos. With its price, the appliance is among the top rated HDTV reviews.

Being one of the best last year, I had to acquire this device, the HD experience is amazing and my children who love cartoons always anticipate for the weekends in order to enjoy their favourite shows. For my low budget it was my best acquisition last year.” – Joy Shirley

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It is a new E-series 55 inch HDTV with high picture quality of 1080P full HD resolution and an effective refresh rate of 120Hz.Its innovative LED drives and a slim design make the look great. Its superior sound made of advanced audio technologies includes dynamic volume. It has great picture quality and design at an affordable price makes it a highly demanded product. Its price makes it a constant feature in the customers best 55 inch HDTV reviews. VIZIO internet applications with an inbuilt Wi-Fi gives the users access to streaming music, TV shows and movies.

VIZIO E550i-AO 55-Inch Smart HDTV had to be the best HDTV I have ever had. Its design quality is amazing giving my living room design outlook perfect. The picture quality is perfect for my movies during weekends especially with the live streaming. ” – Brian Davis

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Being included on the top rated HDTV reviews, the RCA LED55C55R120Q features technological advances in the audio and video quality. It has an efficient connectivity with VGA, a conventional AV input and additional components providing a platform for sharing of files and playing music from USB devices. Its 55 inch 1080 pixels picture quality is so clear and sharp that it brings pictures to life. The internal audio output using the inbuilt speakers is good. With a 5000:1 contrast ratio and a refresh rate of 120Hz, the device produces vivid images even when in motion.

“My experience with this appliance cannot be kept a secret; I do not want you to miss out on this. My play station 3 plus this TV had to be the best thing that has happened to me this year. The blacks look stunning and the clear rate takes gaming to a whole new level.” – Calvin Bramble

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