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Best 60 inch LED TVs reviews

Best 60 inch LED TVs reviews


 Top rated 60 inch LED TVs in 2014


Having a TV is a basic commodity which modern household enjoys.  Today’s TVs are even smart and allow its user to stream movies directly from it, control it with voice commands and many more. Wi-Fi technology has taken TVs to a whole another level, which nobody dreamt of a decade ago. To help you select the best widescreen LED TV we have analyzed different models and made our very own top five. The best HDTV reviews were also consulted in the selection process.


Samsung UN60EH6000 HDTV 


Best 60 inch LED TVs reviews Samsung is renowned in the world of technology. With its 1080p resolution and sharp images, the UN60EH6000 is one of the best HDTV in top rated HDTV reviews.  It is equipped with Clear Motion Rate (CMR) technology so the LED can detect every motion clearly and focuses on every single detail of the moving object. Its color enhancer makes it perfect to watch anything you want. Colors of this TV are so vibrant and natural that you may think that you are watching it live.

“This HDTV is perfect for me and my family. We all watch movies on it and its HD view really makes every picture come alive. Its color enhancer is my favorite feature about it and overall I believe the Samsung UN60EH6000 is a great HDTV.” – Bryan Smith

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 Top rated 60 inch LED TVs in 2014If you want to increase the beauty of your living room and to better upgrade the picture quality you normally watch, then this smart LED HDTV will come to your aid with its elegant style. It has a slim frame and an ultra thin body, plus it can be very easily mounted on a wall via its brackets. When it is turned on, the customer can watch Full HD quality pictures which have an surprisingly accurate shadow detail. What the Internet has to offer, is at your disposal, because the E601iA3 is equipped with Wi-Fi technology.

“With a picture quality as good as the one displayed by my Vizio E601iA3, I think every video or movie will seem better than it actually is. The Wi-Fi works great and I stream movies and videos in an instant. To this point, I haven’t had any problems connecting it to other devices.” – Mitchell Johnson

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Sharp LC60LE650 HDTV 


This model from Sharp was well received by the best 60 inch LED TVs reviews. Smart TV capabilities are also present in the feature list of the Sharp LC60LE650. It uses photo-alignment technology, lowering the brightness when a frame is very luminous and increases it when the scene is dark. This smart TV has a dual core processor along with Wi-Fi, so streaming movies from Pandora is done very quickly.

“This HDTV is like a cinema screen. I have the opportunity to view my favorite classic movies in a superior image quality. I regularly use its Wi-Fi and it doesn’t disappoint. Also, I found it to be rather affordable, so I even go as far as to recommend it to other households.” – Marco Hall

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Sony KDL60R550A HDTV 


This stunning HDTV, has a thin and modern design which will look great mounted on your living room wall. The best 60 inch LED TVs reviews don’t recommend it just for its eye-catching design, but for its image quality as well. The realness of the fast moving images is due to the Motionflow XR 240 technology. Easy connectivity options are available too, through its built-in Wi-Fi and the numerous inputs.

“This HDTV is what I have been searching from ages. It has fulfilled my every need for entertainment and fun. If I want to enjoy TV channels, it is my best buddy and when I want to watch any internet sensation, it is also there for me, to show everything in a top picture quality.” – Dan Jackson

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Samsung UN60ES7500 HDTV 


This slim HDTV from Samsung brings the cinema to your home. It has the capability to let you enjoy pictures in brilliant Full HD images. The UN60ES7500  is no stranger to 3D, whether you are watching TV shows, movies or are playing video games. The top rated HDTV reviews don’t hesitate to recommend it for its picture quality. It has built Wi-Fi and also a camera, letting the user talk to friends of family members via Skype. Samsung TVs never disappoint when it comes to an excellent design and this model is no different from the high standard set by this manufacturer.

“Wi-Fi for HDTVs is a great feature and this was one of the things I was looking for. 3D picture quality was another very important feature for me and after careful consideration I settled for the Samsung UN60ES7500. If I call it great, this would be an understatement.” – Fausto Williams

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